Restylane Contour

Restylane Contour
Ditch the Contour Palette and get the Contour you have been Looking For!
As you age, loss of cheek definition can make you look tired. Restylane Contour restores volume while still giving you a natural appearance! Part of the XpresHAn Technology family, this product moves with you as you form expressions. Restylane Contour is made with a unique manufacturing process which will create a smooth, injectable gel that integrates into the skin for natural, dynamic expression in motion. It has a larger calibration size for better contouring than Restylane Kysse, Refyne, and Defyne in the cheeks.
Our Medical Providers have seen cheek filler rise in popularity, although they have been performing these treatments for years prior! According to Yelp, cheek filler searches have risen in popularity by 218% from 2018-2020. Our advanced Medical Providers are highly trained to assess your face and recommend the best products for your customized treatment.
Our goal is to give you facial balance and harmony while still keeping a natural appearance!
What is the difference between Restylane Contour and Restylane Lyft?
Restylane Lyft is for adding volume while Restylane Contour is meant for contouring with flexibility. This can be layered and work well together.